Why should I get a flu vaccination?

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Flu vaccinations are well recognised as one of the single most effective ways to reduce absenteeism over the winter months. If someone gets sick, they may be away from work for up to six full days. Research shows that healthy people who have been vaccinated for flu take 43% fewer sick days for flu-related illnesses than unvaccinated staff.[1]

On the other side of the coin is reducing ‘presenteeism’, where staff who are ill continue to come to work. Their performance can be impaired by 20-40% as a result of their illness—comparable to being under the influence of alcohol, and just as dangerous.[2] These staff also present a source of infection for others, some of whom may be pregnant or have chronic health conditions, such as asthma or diabetes, and be at a high risk of becoming seriously ill from the flu.

What can the flu vaccination help to reduce?

The number of work days lost due to illness.
Poor productivity due to illness.
Service disruptions to your customers.
The risk of flu spreading through the workplace, and to your customers.

Vaccinating is safe and makes good financial sense. There is evidence to show that two days of sick leave can be saved for every seven vaccinated staff[3]. In Australia, flu vaccination programs have been shown to return 2½ times their costs in savings[4].

Is VaxWorks using the most up to date flu vaccine?

Because the flu changes so much from year, the vaccine has to also be updated every year.

Please rest assured that VaxWorks uses only the most current vaccines available which is one of the reasons we do not start our program until late March or early April which is when the vaccines for the upcoming flu season are released by the regulators.

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