VaxWorks Health Services Pty Ltd is committed to providing quality health care for its clients. As a health care provider in the private sector, VaxWorks Health Services is bound by the National Privacy Principles provided for in the Privacy Act 1988 and adheres to the guidance provided by the Office of the Information Commissioner.

The National Privacy Principles set the standards by which we handle, collect, use, distribute and store personal information collected from our clients. A copy of these Principles is available from the health service.

Health Information
As a part of our commitment to providing quality health care we maintain records containing information concerning your health history. The following types of information may be requested and maintained:

  • Personal details such as your name, address, date of birth;
  • Medicare number;
  • Your medical history;
  • Past and present medications prescribed to you;
  • Notes made during the course of health care consultations;
  • Referrals to other health service providers;
  • Results and reports received from other health service providers.
  • This information, the “healthcare record or file” is, at all times, the property of VaxWorks Health Services Pty Ltd.

Routine Procedures for Collecting and Disclosing Health Information
Health information is generally collected during the course of providing a health service. Ancillary health Information may also be collected by administration staff before and/or after the health service.

Health information may also be disclosed to doctors and other health professionals the treating health professional may refer you to in order to continue your health care.

Vaccination records will also be provided to the Australian Immunisation Register where vaccines have been administered to you.

Health information may also be provided to Manage My Health which is administered by the Austalian Department of Health.

Ordinarily we will not release the contents of your health care record without your consent. However, we advise that there may be occasions where we will be required to release the details of your record irrespective of whether you consent to the disclosure of the information is given. This will occur where the law requires disclosure. Some examples are:

  • To enable invoicing a third party for services provided to you;
  • there is a serious threat to an individual‘s life, health and safety;
  • there is suspected unlawful activity;
  • there is a specific requirement by law, for example, when served with a subpoena or other court order);
  • reasonably necessary for a range of functions or activities carried out by or on behalf of a law enforcement body;
  • you are physically or legally incapable of giving consent and the disclosure to a person responsible for you is necessary to provide appropriate health care or treatment or for compassionate reasons and this is not contrary to any prior wish or wish that the responsible person is aware.

De-identified and aggregated data/statistics may be disclosed by VaxWorks Health Services to employers of staff receiving health services from VaxWorks Health Services. The purpose of the provision of such data is to provide recommendations to your employer for overall workplace health and safety improvements and initiatives.

We advise that as a client of this health service you have general rights of access to any information we hold concerning you. Please note there are exceptions. We are happy to discuss these with you. Should you wish to access this information please contact the health care service and ask for an Accessing Health Care Records fact sheet.

Handling and Storage of Health Information
As part of our commitment to preserving the confidentiality of the information contained in your health care record we advise that strict secure storage policies are observed in this health service. Your electronic records are accessible only by staff of this health service and are protected by a security password. Your paper records are kept in secure filing cabinets or rooms and are accessible only by health service staff. Each member of staff understands the importance of health professional–client confidentiality.

Health care records are handled with the utmost respect for client privacy. A client‘s record will be accessed by health care practitioners providing care to the client. It may also be necessary for our staff to handle health care records from time to time to address the administrative requirements of running a health care service.

VaxWorks Health Services staff are bound by confidentiality requirements as a condition of employment. They sign strict confidentiality agreements upon commencement of employment that remain in place during and after employment with the health care service.

Such confidentiality requirements will be observed if it is necessary for them to view your records.

External Parties and Confidentiality
On occasion it is likely that external organisations will need to access our health care service to allow us to maintain a functioning workplace. Further, it may be likely that the health care records kept on site will be viewed, for example, by IT contractors. Such contractors to this health care service sign a confidentiality agreement, and where that external organisation provides service or advice to this health care service, they will be bound by the terms of the confidentiality agreement.

Contact Person
Should you, at any time, have a query or complaint in relation to the privacy policies in place at this health care service please contact Damian Gray, Director on 1300 34 84 22 who will be happy to address any concerns you may have.

It is the health care service‘s policy that any complaint must be made in writing and addressed to Damian Gray, Director and marked ―private and confidential. Upon receipt of the written complaint we will make our best endeavour to address complaints within 60 days of receipt of your complaint.

Damian Gray
VaxWorks Health Services Pty Ltd
Ph 1300 34 84 22

PO Box 1279,
Milton  QLD 4064

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