Flu Vaccinations

We bring our experience to your workplace to help your employees stay well, reduce absenteeism and keep your business functioning.

VaxWorks Health Services is an Australian owned and based company, and a leading provider of workplace flu vaccination services.

With the presence of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to minimise your staff’s exposure to flu. By proceeding with your ‘2024 Workplace Flu Vaccination Program’, you will be helping to protect your staff and those around them from flu as well as reducing absenteeism in the workplace. VaxWorks Health Services adheres to COVID-safe procedures to keep your staff safe during your onsite flu clinic.

2024 Flu Vaccination Program Quote Request

Simply complete our online form and we will prepare a quote for your 2024 Workplace Flu Vaccination Program or be in touch to discuss your specific needs.


National Services

We provide flu vaccination services nationally, including many regional communities and for Australian businesses with offices in New Zealand.

Australian Made

We are proud to offer Australian-made vaccines wherever possible.

Voucher Program

VaxWorks offers a ‘Flu Vaccination Voucher’ program for staff who miss your scheduled clinic. You only pay for vouchers redeemed by your staff at one of over 1,000 partner Pharmacies.

AUS Immunisation Register

Our services include uploading all vaccination records for your staff to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), ensuring your staff will always have a record of their vaccination.

Record Management

We can maintain a Register on your behalf of all vaccinations. This can include staff and visitors along with those not vaccinated by VaxWorks.

The VaxWorks 4-Step Process

Once our proposal is accepted, there is a simple 4-step process to ensure a successful and efficiently run flu vaccination clinic at your workplace. We will keep in regular contact with you to help you stay on schedule and staff will receive email reminders and SMS alerts for their upcoming appointment.

Our Nurse Immunisers stay on site for 15 minutes after the last vaccination is administered in case your staff need them.


Confirm the locations of your clinic/s


Let us know your preferred dates and times for your clinic/s


Review the date/s we offer for your clinic – we will always do our best to match the times and days you request.


Promote your clinic/s to your staff (email, posters, memos). Let staff book their own appointments online using the link we provide or allocate each staff member their appointment time for them.

The flu is much worse than having a cold. The most common effects of flu are body aches, headaches, fever, chills and fatigue. People who get the flu will usually need 4-6 days off work. If they do come to work, their performance suffers to the same extent as if they had been drinking, and they risk spreading the flu to other employees as well.

Each year in Australia, influenza results in 18,000 hospitalisations, over 300,000 GP consultations and costs the Australian health care system at least $85 million.

The flu also costs businesses an estimated 1.5 million work days lost each year.

The research overwhelmingly shows that vaccinating employees against influenza saves money for businesses. A company can generally expect to save $2.50 in wages for every dollar invested in a workplace vaccination program and $5.00 for every dollar invested when lost productivity is taken into account.

The flu can affect up to 15% of people each year, but even in a year when only 5% of people get the flu, a vaccination program is still expected to save you money.

When you take into account some of the other benefits of your program such as employee appreciation, prevention of influenza in unvaccinated staff and greater convenience for staff who want to get vaccinated, the benefits of a flu vaccination program become very clear.

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