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The 4-Step Process for a Successful Clinic

There's a few simple steps to holding a successful flu vaccination clinic at your workplace.

The VaxWorks 4-Step Process

Once you’ve received and accepted our quote, you’re ready to get started on preparing your staff for their vaccinations. We’ll give you all the resources you’ll need to promote your clinic, like posters, email templates, and intranet page content, and we’ll keep in regular contact with you to help you stay on schedule.

All our processes are paperless, including consent forms, saving you administration time. Our nurses will stay on site for 15 minutes after the last vaccination is administered, in case your staff need them.


Schedule Your Clinic

Complete your booking request online. We’ll work with you to find the best time to suit your company’s needs. Our system also lets you delegate this task to another member on your team.


Promote Your Clinic

We’ll give you your own flu vaccination clinic portal, which allows your staff to book their own appointments, and allows you to monitor bookings.


Hold Your Clinic

Staff come to the clinic at their appointed time, or at an alternative if necessary. Those staff that book online will have an email record of their vaccination sent to them, along with advice on how to manage minor reactions.


Review Your Clinic

Immediately after your clinic, you can download a report on which staff were vaccinated and complete a quick survey. This is the time to organise flu vaccination vouchers for those who couldn’t attend the clinic.

If you need help at any stage in this process, we’re here to help. Contact us via email or call us on 1300 34 84 22.