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About VaxWorks

With a focus on convenience and care, VaxWorks is fast becoming one of Australia’s leading workplace flu vaccinations providers.

Damian Gray established VaxWorks in 2013 to help businesses and community organisations access flu vaccinations in a way that was convenient and offered high service standards at a manageable cost.

Since then, VaxWorks has become one of the fastest growing flu vaccination providers in Australia.

VaxWorks has vaccinated more than 90,000 employees around Australia, preventing more than 19,000 sick days and saving employers over $5.8 million.

VaxWorks’ Mission

VaxWorks will play a significant role in building Australia’s productivity and quality of life, by supporting healthy businesses and communities with quality, accessible prevention management tools and services.

VaxWorks’ Promise

We promise to deliver our very best to our customers at all times. We will bring you a simple-to-use service that is customised to meet your needs, and give you all the tools you’ll need to make the most of your staff, school, or community clinics. We care about your staff and your business, and if there’s anything we can do to improve our service to you, we welcome your feedback.

Why VaxWorks?

Quality and Experience

  • We’ve backed our commitment to quality health services with ISO9001:2015 accreditation.
  • VaxWorks’ policies and guidelines comply with standards set out by NHMRC and state Health Departments.
  • VaxWorks’ team has over 20 years’ experience developing and delivering large-scale vaccination programs for schools, business, universities, and communities.

Care and Safety

  • Our caring and friendly clinic staff are all registered nurses with specialist immunisation training and experience.
  • VaxWorks’ nurses carry all the necessary equipment and have the skills to manage any unforeseen circumstances.

Flexible and Convenient

  • As a fully mobile service, we bring the clinics to you—whether you’re in a metropolitan office, or a regional setting.
  • VaxWorks’ voucher service means that staff who can’t make the scheduled clinic can visit a local pharmacy for their vaccination at a time that suits them.

Australian-Made Vaccines

  • Wherever possible, we offer Australian-made, quadrivalent (four-strain) flu vaccines to our Australian clients, which offer protection from a greater number of circulating viruses in any season.
  • For our New Zealand clients, we offer both trivalent and quadrivalent (i.e. three- and four-strain) vaccinations.
Damian Gray

Damian Gray

Registered Nurse


VaxWorks’ Leadership

Damian is a registered nurse who has been working in immunisation services for over 20 years. In that time, he has managed some of the largest vaccination programs in Queensland, which included school-based programs, outbreak control programs (such as the 2010 pandemic program), and a number of businesses across Australia.

Damian has lectured in Health Care Safety and Quality, and Health Program Planning and Evaluation at the University of Queensland. He was also involved in designing and delivering accredited immunisation training for pharmacists through the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

His first-hand experience nursing people with serious illnesses fuels his passion for protecting people’s health through preventative management. It’s this passion, and a commitment to improving the accessibility of quality health care services, that inspired his establishment of VaxWorks.