Which flu vaccine should I get if I am over 65?

While influenza affects people of all ages, infections among the elderly are more likely to require hospitalisation or cause serious complications such as pneumonia and heart attacks. Of the 1,100 Australians who died in 2017 from flu-related causes, 90% were aged 65 and over.

Unfortunately older people’s immune systems don’t respond to flu vaccines as well as younger people’s. Recent studies have also shown that flu vaccines don’t appear to be as effective in the elderly at protecting against flu and its complications.

To help protect older people, the Australian government has funded the use of specific vaccines that have been designed to work better for older people. Unfortunately thouigh, these vaccines can only be obtained from your GP as part of hte government funded vaccination programs and companies like VaxWorks Heral;th Services who deliver employer funded vaccination programs are not able to access these.

VaxWorks recommends that, in line with the advise of public health experts, people ove the age of 65 should see their GP and receive one of the vaccines that have been sepcifically developed for this age group.

We do not recommend that people should seek out or receive both types of vaccine, however if you think that is unlikely that you will get to your GP to receive one of these vaccines, we do recommend that you receive one of the vaccines that we offer as the vaccine will still provide a great deal of protection and this will be much better at protecting you than not getting vaccinated at all.

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