AeroPore Microporous Paper Tape

Microporous Paper Tape

$1.06$2.90 (incl GST)

AEROPORE Microporous Paper Tape is a flexible and breathable paper tape suitable securing for securing dressings, especially to facial and fragile skin. AeroPore Non-woven Microporous Paper Tape is recommended for the securing of dressings and medical equipment on sensitive and fragile skin including facial areas.

Graphic Image of the AeroPore Microporous Paper
Ultra-thin, Waterproof & Transparent Bacterial Barrier
Supabond™ Hypo-allergenic adhesive
Exclusively Engineered for Low Irritation and High Adhesion
  • AEROPORE Microporous Paper Tape has a very low irritant risk, and is suitable for use on fragile and delicate skin.

Individually Wrapped

  • AEROPORE Microporous Paper Tape is available in boxes of individually wrapped rolls ensuring the tape is kept in optimum condition.

Pricing Unit



1.25cm x 5m, 2.5cm x 5m

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