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Travel Health Services


Travel Health Services

Travel medicine is a specialised field of medicine and the delivery of quality travel medicine services and advice goes well beyond a few vaccines and tips recommended by the World Health Organization. 

Failure to properly manage the health risks of travelling employees can lead to productivity loss, compromise employee health, add unnecessary costs and cause disruption to major projects. Unmet occupational health and safety obligations may also result in lengthy civil litigation.

VaxWorks will arrange for your employees to receive expert care from a fully qualified travel medicine specialist, to provide a range of travel medicine services, including:

Travel Medicine Consults: All employees need a travel medicine consult to check their vaccines are up to date, prescribe malaria pills and medical kits if relevant. Employees may also need education on various aspects of travel health such as how to avoid jetlag, mosquitoes, food and water diseases, worms, jigger fleas, sexually transmitted diseases and so on.  Depending on the traveller’s needs, they may require multiple visits for additional doses of vaccines.

Post-Travel Checks and Treatment: Sick travellers need expert care from doctors who are familiar with exotic travel diseases. this will ensure a speedy recovery and less likelihood of spread to workmates, families and friends. Some travellers will need a post-travel checkup even if they feel well to uncover silent diseases such as Bhilharzia.

VaxWorks will facilitate the collection of clinical information from these consults and store this within our clinical records software for future reference.