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Skin Cancer Checks


Skin Cancer Checks

The Cancer Council of Australia emphasises the importance of early detection of melanoma to ensure the best chance of successful treatment. Although high risk groups for skin cancer include those with fair skin, freckles, light or red hair; those with a large number of moles; a family history or those who have previously had a melanoma; No one living in Australia is risk free.

With many workplaces recognising the importance of taking a proactive approach to their employees’ health, providing staff with a convenient avenue to have their skin checked is the responsible thing to do. Many lives have been saved with this approach, as dangerous lesions may have been otherwise ignored by the individual.

All Skin Cancer Assessment consultations include the following:

  • Assessment of the individual participant’s level of risk for developing melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.
  • A thorough assessment of the participant’s skin (in accordance with the appointment type booked, see below) by a qualified high-risk with the use of a risk-free.
  • Comprehensive one on one education about the most common forms of skin cancer (Melanoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma)
  • Tailored information for each participant, regarding the best screening and self-monitoring regimes to employ; aimed to assist them with the early detection of skin cancer
  • Provide the participant with written information which recaps the information which has been verbally imparted
  • Any participant whom presents with a lesion with suspicious features will be given a recommendation form which clearly outlines the suspicious features as noted by the dermatoscopist. In this situation, the importance of seeking follow up will be explained and discussed with each client.
  • Participants are encouraged to take their phones with them to their consultations. In the event that a suspicious lesion is found, the facilitator then takes an image of the location of the lesion on the participant’s’ phone; better enabling their GP to accurately locate the lesion during follow up medical consultations.
  • A de-identified report of findings to the employer post-completion of the skin assessment services.

Employers can select either a Level 1 or Level 2 consult for each clinic, however we would recommend the more comprehensive Level 2 consult as many lesions, including melanoma occur in areas of the skin that are not assessed in a Level 1 consult.

Level 1 Consult – Exposed Areas and Personalised Educational Skin Cancer Consultation (10 minutes)

During this assessment the dermatoscopist will focus on the exposed areas of the participants’ skin, and any particular lesion(s) that the participant specifically requests the dermatoscopist to check.  The client does not undress for this service.

Level 2 Consult – Full Body Skin Assessment (15 minutes)

Full skin assessment, performed by a dermatoscopist with the use of a dermatoscope.  This service includes assessment of the all areas of the skin, including feet, in between toes, etc. but excludes beneath the underwear.  A dignity gown is provided to each participant.