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Personal Radiation Monitoring


Personal Radiation Monitoring

Personal radiation monitoring devices or dosimeters (PMDs) are badges that detect various forms of radiation a worker may be exposed to. The dosimeter or badge detects the exposure of a person to x-rays, gamma radiation, neutron and beta particles. Workers are required to wear the dosimeters for periods of up to three months. The accumulated dose from the various types of radiation is measured by the dosimetry service provider and reported to the employer.

State and Territory regulations impose responsibilities on employers to record and monitor all occupationally exposed persons in their employ who are involved in the use of ionising radiation. Employees who are exposed to radiation as part of their occupation must be provided with an appropriate and approved PMD when using radioactive substances and radiation apparatus.

Employees issued with a PMD by their employer are required under the legislation to wear the personal monitoring dosimeters/devices while at work.

Employers must ensure that all occupationally exposed employees using ionising radiation for the purposes listed in the Regulation are issued with a personal monitoring dosimeter.  The employer should monitor the accumulated dose to ensure that the employee’s work practices result in exposures well below 20 millisieverts (mSv) effective dose averaged over five consecutive calendar years or a maximum of 50 mSv in any single year.

VaxWorks will work in collaboration with your radiation safety officer/s to support your Personal Radiation Monitoring Program with monitoring provided by one of Australia’s leading providers of personal radiation montoring services.

Your radiation safety officers will continue to be responsible for ensuring that:

  • each employee is issued with a monitor upon commencement;
  • Monitors are replaced every three months;
  • Control monitors are placed in an appropriate location away from radiation sources; and
  • Reporting to, and liaising with, workplace safety regulators in the event of abnormal exposures being detected.

VaxWorks will administer this program and support your radiation safety officers by:

  • Maintaining a list of employees who have been issued with personal radiation monitors;
  • Ordering radiation monitors for new employees upon request from site radiation safety officers when they commence and cancelling monitors for employees who no longer require them;
  • Providing a list to each radiation safety officer of employees who require monitors to be replaced (every three months for each site) which the radiation safety officer would return once each employee has had their monitor replaced; and
  • Notifying radiation safety officers and other key stakeholders in the event that abnormal exposures had been detected on any monitors.