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Queensland Health Vaccinations


Queensland Health Vaccinations

Since July 2016, Queensland Health has had a policy which requires people engaged in certain roles to
provide documentary evidence of vaccination for the vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs) of measles,
mumps, rubella, varicella and pertussis.

Employees, contractors, agency staff, students and volunteers who will be engaged in roles where
there is contact that would allow the acquisition or transmission of a VPD via respiratory means.

  • Prior to engagement, contractors need to provide:
  • documentary evidence of vaccination for the diseases measles, mumps, rubella, varicella and
    pertussis; or
  • documentary evidence they are not susceptible to these diseases.

It will also be a condition of ongoing engagement to supply documentary evidence of follow up
vaccinations and boosters for the specified VPDs.

As a Queensland based company, we are very familiar with the immunisation requirements placed on employees, contractors and visitors to Queensland Health facilities.

To fulfil Queensland Health’s requirements, we use an approach similar to that proposed for our hepatitis B program.  Unfortunately, however, there is no value in undertaking serology for other diseases as the immune response from vaccines is unable to be detected in common serology tests and/or there is no clear relationship between pathology results and immunity.

Once VaxWorks has been advised that an employer requires vaccinations to meet Queensland Health’s requirements, we will:

  1. Conduct a search on the Australian Immunisation Register to determine the employee’s vaccination history;
  2. Contact the employee to provide them with a pathology request form and advise them to attend a specimen collection centre to have their pre-vaccination hepatitis B serology completed.
  3. Once the pathology results have been provided by our pathology partner, we would once again contact the employee to advise them that they either:
    1. Do not need to get vaccinated as we already have records; or
    2. Attend our office, bringing any vaccination records they may have, to assess their vaccination status and begin their course of any necessary vaccinations.
  4. Once they commence their course of vaccines, they will be sent reminder emails to return for subsequent doses as well as their post-vaccination serology.

Each employee will be provided with a vaccination statement that meets Queensland Health’s requirements plus all vaccination records and pathology results will be stored in our clinical software and vaccination records uploaded to the Australian Immunisation Register.